Bug Reporting Made Simple for Mobile Apps.

Report issues directly from your app, with screenshots, screen recordings and crash videos.

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1-Minute Integration

Adding BugClipper to your app is as simple as writing one line of code.

Say Goodbye To Bugs

Bug reports that give you deep insights and let you pinpoint the exact issue.

Build Better Apps

Build better apps, get better reviews & happy customers.

Report bugs from your app

Reporting an issue with BugClipper is as simple as sending a text message.

Beta testers or End Users can report issues quickly sending you screenshots, highlighting the issue with annotation, making the criticalness of the issue directly from Inside th app in just 3 steps.

Tap. Describe. Done.

You get a detailed bug report with screenshots so you can troubleshoot faster. BugClipper saves more than 70% of your reporting and debugging time.

No more asking for "Please send me the screenshot" or the device details.

Create screen recordings

Because crash logs leave questions unanswered. BugClipper helps you see the app through your user's eye.

Easy Show & Tell

BugClipper allows your users to report an issue by recording their screen. So you can watch every action your users do and understand exactly how they use your app, which problems they're experiencing and how to fix them.

Get things done

BugClipper's dashboard lets you manage all your apps in one place and monitor the issues in real time. Collaborate with your team members, track progress and keep everyone in the loop with our bug tracker.

Spend more time fixing issues

Avoid back and forth emails to understand issues, spend your time in fixing them.