Make your apps bug free and your users happy.

Bugclipper helps you fix issues in your apps. It shows the exact problem your users are facing and tells you
why the problem exists?

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What others are saying.

"Very useful, specially when you start building your app and deal with so many bugs."

Tim Su, Los Angeles

"This is my 3rd app with Bugclipper. It's become a part of every new project I start working on. "

Andre, Ukraine

"It's true what they say on the website, works exactly the same. Very good!"

Manu Jolly, Bangalore

Who is it for ?

Ideal for Product teams, CX teams and Developers.

🦄 Our app is in production ...

  • Users complaint on social media and write bad reviews.
  • App Store Ratings aren't great.
  • Development team is overloaded with issues to fix.

🐴 We are ready for beta ...

  • Need feedback from beta users.
  • See how they interact with your app and what they feel.
  • Identify and fix bugs before going live in production.

🥚 I am building an app ...

  • Have to get client feedback and deliver changes.
  • Fix all the bugs and issues.
  • Communicate with clients and testers.

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Why Bugclipper?

So that you know, where your users get stuck and why?

  • 1

    Get feedback from users

     Give your users an easy way for them to get in touch with you, instead of collecting feedback via chats and emails. You can embed the feedback widget right in your app. 

  • 2

    Screenshots, Screen Recordings & Logs

     Bugclipper automatically captures every detail under the hood when a user reports an error to help you pinpoint the source. Device details, screenshots of the device, network logs, user actions, and session recordings are available. 

  • 3

    Connect your favourite tool

     Bugclipper can be used with more than 50+ tools to help you manage your projects, track bugs and provide support. Bugclipper seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, whether it's Jira, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zendesk, or others, bugclipper seamlessly connects with your existing workflow. Jira, Microsoft Teams, or Slack. 


Bugclipper is a powerful tool for teams building apps. Startups, Developers and Enterprises

  • Bug Reporting

    Add in-app bug reporting to your app. Get bug reports from your users and testers with screen recordings and screenshots.

  • User Feedback

    Bug reports, Suggestions and feedback. Listen to your users, talking to you and know what they really feel.

  • Crash Reporting

    Powerful crash reporter. Not just the stack trace. Get, system logs, network logs, user steps and session recordings.

  • Time Lapse

    Replay user's journey. See last 15 steps user took with screenshots, logs and network actvity.

  • Screen Recorder

    Users can show you and tell you their problems. Its like CCTV for your app. Screen recordings and voice notes.

  • User Steps

    A trail of all the user actions with snapshots, before they reported the bug or encountered a crash.

  • Console Logs

    Get a clear view of user's system with device details, user environment, activity log, console log and meta data.

  • Session Profiler

    Get the state of the device during user's session in a graph. Memory, CPU, Connectivity and battery.

  • Network Monitoring

    See all the network activity of your app during the session. Requests, Response, status and response time. 

  • Coming Soon

    App Inbox

    All issues, resolutions, past interactions with the customer, at one place. App Inbox, inside the app.

Supports multiple platforms

Easily integrate the Bugclipper SDK in your iOS or Android app. Supports both native and hybrid apps.

  • Works for

    • iOS apps
    • Android apps
    • Websites & Web Apps
    • Hybrid Apps
  • Supported Platforms

    • React Native
    • Flutter
    • Xamarin
    • Unity
  • Hybrid Platforms

    • Backbase
    • IBM Worklight
    • Cordova

Integrate with your favorite tools

  • Slack 200
  • Asana 200
  • Gitlab 200
  • Zendesk 200
  • Jira 200
  • Basecamp 200
  • Monday 200
  • Github 200
  • Clickup 200
  • Trello 200
  • Teams 200
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We use bugclipper in most of our mobile projects. It fits in nice with Jira, and that's what most of our clients like about it.


Rohit Parab

CEO @ Praemineo

Understand your customers problem to serve them better.

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