7 Reasons Why Your App Needs Beta Testing

Beta testing is very important phase in building an awesome mobile app. We do it. And we help thousands of app developers all over the world to simplify their beta testing.

Like you - we’ve had bugs, we also failed to retain our users. Users are smart people. If you ship something buggy, they’ll never come back. We realized the importance of beta testing from our failures in the past and now we make sure that every release goes through beta testing one final time before it is exposed to the real world.

There are certain advantages of beta testing. Firstly, it helps developers in tackling with different objectives of the product so that it can be improvised further. Quality is of course the primary goal and objective of beta testing. However there are also many other objectives that such a beta testing can address.

1- Quality Beta testing helps in evaluating the overall user experience and helps in ensuring that over all functionality of your app meets the user requirements while maintaining quality of the app.

2- Idea Validation You can test different features while beta testing and based on user reactions you can determine the user acceptance of certain feature. Helping you validate ideas before your app sees the real world. For apps that introduce a new kind of functionality in the market, an early test with the targeted user base can help validate the product-market-fit and user acceptance.

3- Usability Beta tests help in getting the actual usage patterns of the app. Different users react differently, based on their usage and feedback, developers can re-design their apps for better usability.

4- Performance There are many products that work great in the lab but fail miserably in the real world. With beta testing you can get a benchmark of the performance of your app. Your beta testers are real users who use your app in wide variety of environments & situations on a wide range of devices, which is not possible for your internal QA team to achieve in-house.

5- Regression Testing Beta testing helps you make quick bug fixes and release new built for your users without worrying about the app updates or loosing users. Any new bugs that might get introduced after fixing the old ones are also uncovered. With the strict guidelines of app-store submission, you may face a situation where your app makes it to the app store, only to discover that you still have some dreaded bugs in your app.

6- Early adopters Beta testing is a good way to distribute your app to a wider audience. In some cases providing a preview of your next version for enthusiastic users becomes very valuable. Early users are the best PR channel for your app. They spread the word and encourage other users and can help create buzz around your app.

7- Cost Beta testing lets you market test your app at very low cost. Huge costs are involved to test an app on thousands of different devices, that too in different geographies with varying network conditions. Beta testing lets you achieve that with minimal cost. Several crowd-testing platforms like Test Birds, Elusive Stars and Beta Family can help you reach out to hundreds of users & professional testers.

Remember, the more you can provide a higher quality app, the more likely users are to want to use it.

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