Deliver bug free apps with all new Bugclipper

Deliver bug free apps with all new Bugclipper

We’ve been working day & night over last few months and it’s finally here. Introducing the brand new version of Bugclipper. Handcrafted for you, like you said.

First of all - thank you! for all your support and feedback. We received great insights from your feedback and the real world use cases you shared, and that has helped us build a product, like you wanted.

Bug reports that makes sense

We know you’ve been receiving bug reports that don’t give you enough information leaving you clueless and you end up asking the same questions again -

What did you do ?

Which version of the app are you using ?

Which device were you using ?

Were you connected to wi-fi ?



CPU, Memory, OS Version … and the list goes on.

Not anymore!

Bugclipper lets your users highlight the problem area and report an issues with screenshot. It creates a detailed bug report by adding all the system information to every issue reported, so you get a better understanding of the problem your users are facing.

See how people really use your app

Analytics and crash logs leave questions unanswered. BugClipper helps you understand your users, by showing you how users interact with your app. BugClipper’s screen recorder allows your users to record their screen and report an issue. You get the complete bug report with a video showing complete user activity with gestures and voice.

Here is a video created using Bugclipper -

Developer Dashboard

A Spanky new developer dashboard that lets you manage all your apps in one place and monitor all the issues in the real time.

Collaborate with your team and keep everything on track

Assign tasks to your team members and track all the issues with our clutter-free bug tracker. Avoid back and forth emails to discuss issues, you can comment on each issue and everyone in the team can see and respond to it.

Yes! it works with Unity too :)

Game developers, here is some good news - the new BugClipper SDK supports Unity apps too. Now you don’t have to record those test sessions with a camera in one hand and your iPhone in other - we’ve got your back. BugClipper makes it a breeze to report bugs from your apps.

We tried the Submarine Happy dive in our test run. Here is how it looks:

We’ve further improved the library to be even lighter and optimized for iOS versions 6.0 and above.

We are on a mission to make your work life more productive and help you build bug free apps. There is lot more for you to discover, give it a spin by signing up at Bugclipper and let us know what you think.

Love it, hate it ? We’re all ears: support [at] bugclipper [dot] com