What is BugClipper?

BugClipper is the easiest way to report bugs and share feedback with your team.
It allows you to capture screenshots, create screen recordings and share them from inside your own app.

Why use BugClipper?

If you’ve ever been frustrated of reporting bugs - collecting all those screenshots, synching them to your PC or shooting videos to show the exact problem that you’ve found, then BugClipper is right for you. BugClipper gives you just the right tools to do all this inside your own app, so that you can focus more on finding bugs and not on reporting them.

Is BugClipper for everyone?

BugClipper can be used by anyone - QA Testers, early Beta Users or all your app users. To report bugs, create app demos or share feedback.
But the library is for those who publish and develop apps. App owners or publishers should have basic technical skills required to integrate the BugClipper library in their apps using our Integration guide.

Does it work with all versions of iOS?

BugClipper works great with iOS 6 and all above versions.

Can I use it for any app?

Our current offering of BugClipper is for iOS (iPhone & iPad) apps. The library is written in objective C and is in compliance with Apple’s guidelines. You can use it with all your native iOS apps. We’ll update the list of all the supported frameworks & engines very soon.

Can I use BugClipper in my existing app?

Yes you can! just download the library and follow the instructions on our Integration guide.

What happens to my app after I integrate BugClipper?

We’ve desigened the BugClipper library in such a way that it integrates with your apps without affecting your app’s functionality. It stays in the background until activated. Once activated, users can access all its features and the base app doesn’t change a bit. You can easily activate or de-activate the library anytime.

Really! its that simple?

Definitely yes! We like to make things simple.