Just the right tool for your mobile app

Report an issue in seconds

Whether its your beta tester or your customer, reporting an issue with BugClipper is as simple as sending a text message.

Tap. Describe. Done.

With one tap we capture the screenshot of your app and let your users draw or annotate the image, so they can highlight the exact problem they are facing.

Screen Recordings

The best way to report a bug is by showing it to the developer and telling him the problem, but your users are not sitting next to your developer and you often end up hearing -

“How do I reproduce that?”

BugClipper lets your users report an issue by recording their screen activity and voice. We create a video recording of the real user session and highlight every screen tap, swipe and action. So you can see exactly how users are using your app and what problems they are experiencing.

Better bug reports.

We know you have been receiving bug reports that don’t give you enough information and leave many questions unanswered.

“Which version of the app was user using?”
“Which device does user have?”
“Was the device connected to wifi?”

BugClipper creates a detailed bug report by adding the system information to every issue reported, so that you get a better understanding of the problem reported.

Get things done

Feedback on email costs you time. Even if your client sends back an email with a nice list of things to change, chances are high that some clarification will be required, which results in one more email and another reply… sigh.

Avoid miscoummunication and keep everything on track.

Track everything and keep everyone in the loop with our bug tracker. Manage all your apps in one place and monitor the issues in real time with BugClipper’s dashboard.